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Why Train With Us?

Aiysha Yaqub


How has your experience been this year?

It was really nice to spend time with other trainees who were all in the same boat. It was like our own community. We had a group chat and supported each other. It was nice to meet trainees from different courses too. We were able to help each other and I have made lifelong friends because we all went through the same pressure so it will be nice to have them there for the rest of my teaching career.

Have you got a highlight of your training year?

The best thing that happened this year was getting my job. I would say that this is all down to my ECL who prepared me for my interview. He spent lots of time on Teams going through all different interview questions. My ECL also gave me lots of ideas when I was teaching the children too. When I got the job it was honestly the most amazing feeling but it really was down to my ECL and all the support that he gave me.

How was your placement one school?

I think what was really nice was on the course I had a mixture of children. On the first placement I was in year 1 and the second placement was in year 5 so I was able to se all different parts of the school and the curriculum throughout. Now that I have gone into my job teaching year 6 I feel really prepared as my placements allowed me to see the phonics side as well as the SAT’s side. I feel that the course was so tailored and relevant and it has definitely prepared me for my future jobs.

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